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Sunday : 05-15-16

Android Study Jam – Completed

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m really excited about my latest accomplishment. The local chapter of the Google Developer Group ( Hudson Valley) ran a Study Jam based on Udacity’s Android Development for Beginners to introduce people of any background to creating apps on Android back in March-April. I completed it and had been able to showcase my app off at an event at SUNY New Paltz.

I had been pretty nervous about signing up but incredibly excited because the organizers had been so passionate and advised that you didn’t have to have any recent experience in programming. I’ve programmed back when I was going for my Associate’s Degree but I never really pursued it any further. Programming always seems to keep coming back to me and I’ve always wanted to give it a try. This Study Jam gave me the jump start I needed and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself.

The projects start out pretty easy. The very first one was making a Birthday Card App. I ended up making one for my Mom because at the time it had been pretty close to her birthday. After that we started to do slightly more complex layouts with a Score Counter App for Basketball, where I learned the difficulties of mixing various views and that XML is pretty awesome and can do even more than I had thought it could back in College.  After that, we ended up making an app that would help with ordering coffees, calculating the price and even sending a email to the “coffeeshop” with the details of the order. This was the most impressive because of the fact I only had to program something to call on another application not actually worry about how I was going to send the email too.

After the main apps were finished, the final part of the class was making our own Final Project. This part I think was the hardest for me because I had a million ideas and I had wanted to do EVERYTHING. However, editing is one of the most useful skills that I learned, especially just to show a working version of the app for our Showcase event. I ended up making an app to educate on the various steps of Home Brewing your own beer with some tips that I had learned from my own experiences brewing beer this last year. In the future I hope to add more to it like timers and calendar events to be a helpful resource to home brewers but I think for now I’ve learned an awesome new skill and I’m excited to see what else I’ll make.

Some of the other skills that I picked up were using GitHub  ( which I have an account and you can see the apps I created here) Here’s the certificate that I earned as well. I also got an awesome tee that the organizer’s made.   I also learned how to use Slack which is what we used to communicate in between the two events that we had to get through the entire class. It’s a really powerful tool and I’ll talk about it later in another post.



The group is also going to be doing another Study Jam, this time to learn Firebase. I’m excited and can’t wait.  Firebase is a really cool tool for live data requests in place of just using a regular database. There’s a lot built into the Android Studio Libraries with Firebase that makes it super powerful.

If you want to check out your Local Google Developer Group and see what they’re up to, here’s more information:


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Tuesday : 04-21-15

Geek-Out for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday Night May 2nd 2015!


Partnering with Main Street Comics, I am hosting another Geek-Out this year!

Main Street Comics is the place to go in Orange County NY for all your comic needs and they are hosting FCBD, Saturday May 2nd from 10 am to 6 pm.

After you’ve gotten all your goodies, head over to Copperfield’s Pub in Montgomery for an amazing Geek-Out event from 6 pm to 9 pm. There will be great food and drinks for sale and I’ll have tons of swag to hand out!

Most of all, this is the event to hang with friends, meet some news ones, and enjoy the company of like-minded people. There’s always tons of laughs and great conversations. And prizes!

Make sure to RSVP on our Facebook Event’s page!

So again here’s all the deets for Saturday May 2nd:

Enjoy Free Comic Book Day at Main Street Comics (Middletown, NY) from 10 am to…

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Thursday : 12-11-14

Winter Morning Rituals

Many of these ladies do their mornings sans electronics. How do you function in the morning? Do you grab your phone first or do you avoid your phone for as long as possible?

Personally, I’ve found limited usage of the phone helps. I do this by setting up a home screen on my Android device that’s devoted to limited information while slowly moving through my daily routine with lots of happy music is the best.

Hey Mishka

A good day starts with a good morning… but what does that even mean? There are as many ways to start a great day as there are people on the planet, so finding your ideal routine can be a trial and error process. Some prefer to start the day with a yoga mat and affirmations, while others go for a kick ass playlist and private pajama dance party. So what’s your flavor? I’ve called upon some of the inspiring women in my own circle to share their morning routines with you today. Get inspired, and let me know how you’re starting your day…

morning rituals

 Anastasia Nevin, nutrional therapist and yoga instructor here in NYC, avoids the chaotic noise of email and social media first thing in the morning by keeping her phone away from her bed. Instead, she burns sandalwood incense and prepares a morning tonic. “Recently I made…

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Monday : 11-10-14

Achievement: Inbox Invite!

This isn’t going to be a long post but I just wanted to excitedly share that I finally got my hands on a invite for Inbox. So far ( the few hours I’ve had it) it seems interesting and I’m excited to see how it will compare to Mailbox which I’ve previously discussed. The one plus I see so far is being able to access it from the web, which is kind of nice. I look forward to writing something up further about it after I’ve had time to see how it works and integrates into my day to day email usage.

One of my good friends got his hands on invites and was nice enough to give one to me so you rock Jonathan! Thanks so much again!

Friday : 06-20-14

Why are Women Apologizing

This is a really interesting topic and I’d love to see this get discussed more. I’m in the apologize too much camp and it’s because I’ve always felt bad about things before anyone’s told me that I should. I get exhausted sometimes with how I get kicked around for being over sensitive. I’ve also seen where being more aggressive is favorited too and hated at others. It’s really not an easy road to walk and can cause a lot of conflicts professionally and socially.

My thoughts: Just be you and be the best you you can. You will not always communicate everything the way others would like and you may come off as pushy, but if it’s something you’re passionate about.. Find a way to talk about it and be less afraid of the what if’s.

In an article posted on, author Jessica Bennett questions her own use, or rather over misuse of the word “Sorry” after watching this Pantene commercial.

I started a discussion on Facebook, but this deserves more conversation.

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