Updates or Why I’m Listening to Everything In German

I haven’t really been able to update quite as much as I’ve wanted to as of late. This is mostly because I’ve been caught up with homework and preparing to Graduate. I can’t believe that in less than a Month, I’ll have Graduated! Right now I’m practicing German whenever possible using Duolingo ( Separable Prefixes is kicking my ass) Philosophy of Tech has been THE BEST CLASS, having tons of fun but it’s a lot of reading. We’re currently getting to the good stuff about cloning and nano technology. I might end up needing to share a few of those because they’re great.

However,I have not forgotten about the posts I’ve promised or the writing that I intend to do. Actually, My Google Keep has a to do list specifically for post ideas that I plan to write.  Here are Some of the Ideas I’ve been outlining and working on writing:

Apps That  I Love ( I really would love to just have a geek out on what I’m hooked on lately)
Google’s International Women Day (I want to write up SO MUCH about this, but I want to it to be well written so it’s taking me a bit)
Teaching Non-Techies Android( I have been going through this experience a bit and I’d like to share about it)
Resources That You Never Considered ( I want to share a few sites I’ve come across information that I’d like to discuss and gain other sources as well)

I have a quick update on my idea of starting  a video series etc. I decided that after being so inspired that the best way that I could inspire and help others is a lot different than I’d originally thought. I’m going to look into starting a meetup group for Geeks for networking in my area. I think that we could all benefit professionals and students and it’d be nice to not have to trek into the city and be able to meet people face to face. I feel really passionate about it and I’ve actually been giving out business cards to people telling them to keep checking out Meetup.Com, they’ll find me and my brain child there. I also want to do my homework and determine the best way for me to go about doing this.  I don’t want it to lack proper planning or fall to the wayside just because I end up getting a job. I’ve started to make a list of places where we could meet up and as soon as school eases up I plan to start talking and seeing what I can set up.

I’m looking forward to writing more when I can.



2 Comments to “Updates or Why I’m Listening to Everything In German”

  1. A fellow Google Keep user! It really is the most useful thing since sliced bread (and a lot better than Evernote, for the most part).

    I’ll be interested to see the Apps post – I’ve been planning on doing a few articles about that myself. We shall have to compare notes! 😉

    • OMG. I Love it so much. For the longest time I was using Evernote, but it just never worked quite right for me. I can’t figure out what it was. Then I moved on to Astrid, which it was nice that it was in your web browser, but sometimes I just wanted a place to jot things down and not feel bad for not getting them done. I like being able to pick a pretty color for my “post it notes” and being able to use a number of different medias to keep notes. It’s been working great for just quick random notes, which I find I need to use quite a bit lately.

      I’d be glad to share notes with you! If there’s one thing I love talking about it’s apps and my android phone! 🙂

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