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Tuesday : 04-23-13

Updates or Why I’m Listening to Everything In German

I haven’t really been able to update quite as much as I’ve wanted to as of late. This is mostly because I’ve been caught up with homework and preparing to Graduate. I can’t believe that in less than a Month, I’ll have Graduated! Right now I’m practicing German whenever possible using Duolingo ( Separable Prefixes is kicking my ass) Philosophy of Tech has been THE BEST CLASS, having tons of fun but it’s a lot of reading. We’re currently getting to the good stuff about cloning and nano technology. I might end up needing to share a few of those because they’re great.

However,I have not forgotten about the posts I’ve promised or the writing that I intend to do. Actually, My Google Keep has a to do list specifically for post ideas that I plan to write.  Here are Some of the Ideas I’ve been outlining and working on writing:

Apps That  I Love ( I really would love to just have a geek out on what I’m hooked on lately)
Google’s International Women Day (I want to write up SO MUCH about this, but I want to it to be well written so it’s taking me a bit)
Teaching Non-Techies Android( I have been going through this experience a bit and I’d like to share about it)
Resources That You Never Considered ( I want to share a few sites I’ve come across information that I’d like to discuss and gain other sources as well)

I have a quick update on my idea of starting  a video series etc. I decided that after being so inspired that the best way that I could inspire and help others is a lot different than I’d originally thought. I’m going to look into starting a meetup group for Geeks for networking in my area. I think that we could all benefit professionals and students and it’d be nice to not have to trek into the city and be able to meet people face to face. I feel really passionate about it and I’ve actually been giving out business cards to people telling them to keep checking out Meetup.Com, they’ll find me and my brain child there. I also want to do my homework and determine the best way for me to go about doing this.  I don’t want it to lack proper planning or fall to the wayside just because I end up getting a job. I’ve started to make a list of places where we could meet up and as soon as school eases up I plan to start talking and seeing what I can set up.

I’m looking forward to writing more when I can.


Monday : 04-08-13

Dear Rezound, You Are The Weakest Link…

Whovians you should appreciate the title of this post, because that’s what I was totally envisioning doing to that phone ><.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share about my latest phone woes and win. Prior to Last Tuesday, I had an HTC Rezound. Now, I am the proud owner of a Motorola Razr Maxx and I couldn’t be happier. I feel kind of evil and guilty for it  considering the amount of rants that I have been on about Motorola’s phones in the past. However, I have come to learn thanks to Samsung (and of course now Motorola) that manufactures can sometimes overcome their fails and do right for the consumer. I will in future reference try to keep an open mind.

I used to be a HUGE HTC fan. My first Android phone was the HTC Incredible. That phone was amazing and it was amazing little phone. In fact, I still have that phone because it’s such a reliable phone it’s great in case of utter phone catastrophe. It had great battery life, and I was huge fan of sense for it’s widgets and functionality. After that, I had what became a Soap Opera of Android Phones. I went to an HTC Rezound to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, back to the HTC Rezound. Without having to explain this story which will take me off topic and seriously it’s a soap opera. Suffice it to say I lucked out with the phone handsets that happened to be having the most notorious issues that they had. My last HTC Rezound seemed to be going well till the battery life just seemed to be getting progressively worse despite several battery swaps and use with an extended battery. I probably would have had to call for another one, but at this point, I think it’s okay for me to say I am done with the HTC Rezound.

The last straw with the battery issues was last week. I went into the city for the Google event (Yeah, I’m still working on that post, I PROMISE!) and because I was using it for it’s smartphone intentions it died well before the end of the event and left me phoneless in the city. I nearly was late to getting on the train that evening and didn’t even have a dollar for payphone. Which for me is more than just being without a fancy phone, but it’s now a safety device. So after a very nervous and scared discussion on this front. Kirk and I decided getting me a replacement phone till I could get my dream phone (Galaxy Note 3 :D) was in order. The Razr Maxx wouldn’t have normally been my first choice because I’ve never liked Blur (or at least I didn’t) but the battery life was the number one motivation for me. Oh.. that and.. JELLY BEAN!!!

After striking up a conversation with a co-worker, we heard about a website called This is a site where you can buy and sell used smartphones and tablets. (It claims to be for android phones but also has iphones…>< really guys?) They check the IMIE’s etc to ensure that phones aren’t  stolen and won’t take water damaged or cracked screens. After some searching on the site we came across the Razr Maxx for about $260 which came with the SD card, and everything. The phone barely looked touched. We got it in 2 days and it was in glorious condition. I would highly recommend this site for phones as there are some good prices on phones. Best part is it won’t mess with my upgrade or contract. We’re going to end up selling some of our older devices on there now and I’ll update you on how that process goes. I was really impressed with the site and really happy with the device.

Having had the phone a few days I can say I am extremely happy that I went with this phone. The battery life is everything I expected it to be and I’m so happy for it. It has Jelly Bean and I am just loving it to death. It’s such a night and day difference.  Google Now has become a part of my morning ritual now.  Rooting the phone was super simple, I honestly think easiest phone to root.

Smart Actions is also a great little feature that is on the phone. It’s a app which is Motorola created which allows you to set certain phone actions based on triggers such as location, time of day and more. Right now I have a few profiles set and they’ve been working great. I love the school one which can shoot a text message out to people who text me in my contact book. I’ve used 3rd party apps such as Llama and Tasker for location profiles and they are great but are no where near as easy to setup as Smart Actions.

Really, I commend you Motorola. I am really enjoying the phone and not having any of the headaches that I ran into before. Even watching Netflix at the Gym after all day use and the phone didn’t bat an eye. I’ll probably be sharing more about the phone as time goes on. What are you personal opinions on HTC as a phone company, HTC Rezound, Motorola as a phone company, or the Motorola Razr Maxx?

Tuesday : 04-02-13

Ideas For A Project

So, I’ve always had this want to start a podcast, video series, or Google hangout about technology. I haven’t really known where to start or what I should do for it. On one hand, I feel as if I could bring something unique because I really do enjoy talking and explaining technology. The other hand, however, I’m worried that this niche might just be too overwhelming for me to really be successful or distinguish myself from others. Though, sometimes if I wonder if I should just do it for me and not worry about being popular.  There are a lot of areas I could talk about and so much information that finding a starting point hasn’t been very easy for me. I keep thinking about doing something about Android because I’m passionate about it and know quite a bit.

These are the two reasons that’s made me really serious lately:
1) I got to go to Google NYC for an International Women’s Day Event! ( I am planning on writing a whole post on this)
2) My College has a Radio station and they’re asking for ideas.

After going to the event, I really felt that I needed to kick my butt in gear and begin to really start doing rather than getting nervous about everything. If my first one isn’t good…so what? If I sit here in planning mode the entire time it will never get done. I loved hearing these women talk and they inspired me. I really want to be inspiring to others.

So for the College Radio Station, I was contemplating pitching an idea for a Technology Talk Show. I really don’t have a name for it, or what it would always focus on. I was contemplating just doing a basic topic such as Tablets or Phones and discussing features and the best ones to considering purchasing for a college student.

I’d love to hear from anyone on suggestions or comments on this one. If you have an idea on topics it would be great. I’d love to look at them and give them a shot for you!


Tuesday : 04-02-13

New Start


This is a fresh, new start for my blogging attempts. The last time I tried it was great, but I kind of fell off when I had nothing to write. This time I’m going to keep it to writing things when I have time and about really groovy things.
I’d like to share some goodies about technology and my geeky passions.  I’m also interested in writing some documentation/how to guides here though I haven’t really started or picked particular topics.  I shall use this as a  way to share my projects that I start as well.